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California offers some of the finest Scuba Diving
in the world. With a variety of life and terrain, the
scuba diving in California is bound to please divers.
Live-aboard Dive boats, beach diving, and single day
dive trips are available all year, and the prices are very
reasonable. California's diving is a really great value !!

The Best way to enjoy Southern California Diving is
on a Multi-Day Dive Trip ! On a two or three day trip
you can dive a variety of sites and islands, without the
pressure of being rushed. Multi-Day Dive Trips have a
relaxed atmosphere, and a style of their own. On a day
trip, normally 3 dives can be made, and it is time to go
home, but on a Multi-Day Trip, you'll still have all of
the afternoon, evening, and then go night diving, too !

The Southern California Liveaboard Dive Operators
Specialize in Multi-Day Dive Trips. Each operator
offers a confirmed schedule with at least 20 trips
that are from two to four days, or more. Choose
a specialist in Multi-Day trips, and you will get
the experience, quality meals, and knowledge
that you deserve. While there are some boats
that may also offer a few multi-day trips, the
Liveaboard Dive Operators are the experts !

Southern California Liveaboard Dive Operators

San Diego
Horizon Charters
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LA/Long Beach
Diving Charters
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Peace Boat
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Southern California
All areas - Boat Diving
Important Information
* Information *

Santa Barbara
Truth Aquatics
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LA - Long Beach
Sand Dollar Diving Charters
* More Info *

Choose a Quality Liveaboard Dive Operator
for a Quality Liveaboard Dive Trip !!

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